Marine incursion into south america

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This model divides northwestern South America into three of the southern Maracaibo basin, was accumulated in a coastal plain blocks: Maracaibo, Central Cordillera and Eastern Cordillera blocks. environment and does not record any marine inuence during the late Because of the deformation associated with the northeastward C. Santos et alDec 03, 1998 The group is found in the Caribbean (the proposed source of Miocene marine incursions) but not the mouth of the Amazon (red arrow) or along the Pacific coast of South America (other proposed marine incursion into south america

Evidences for a Paleocene marine incursion in southern Amazonia (Madre de Dios SubAndean Zone, Peru) building and the Cenozoic climate and biotic evolution of South America. Several marine incursions have already been described in the Cenozoic existence of Paleocene tidedominated estuary debouching into a shallow marine bay in the

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Incursions of marine water into South America during the Miocene prompted colonization of freshwater habitats by ancestrally marine species and present a unique opportunity to study the molecular

Apr 22, 2013  Marine incursion events and their impacts on diversity are well documented from South America, North America and Africa; however, their history and impacts in continental East Asia largely remain unknown. Here, we propose a marine incursion scenario occurring in East Asia during the Miocene epoch, 1017 Ma.

This chapter examines the biogeography of marine incursions in South America. It summarizes evidence for marine incursions into the continental interior during the Miocene period and considers the effects of these paleogeographic events on the diversification of Neotropical fishes.

Abstract The Amazon basin harbours the most diverse assemblage of freshwater fishes in the world, including a disproportionately large number of marinederived groups, such as stingrays, flatfishes, pufferfishes, and anchovies.

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the closest marine relative are therefore consistent with predictions of the marineincursion hypothesis. Alternative explanations have been advanced to account for the presence of marinederived taxa in South America. For instance, it has been suggested1 that the extensive interface between marine and freshwater habitats in the lower Amazon

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