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Lake Maracaibo. It is fed by numerous rivers, the largest being the Catatumbo. At 13, 210 square kilometres (5, 100 sq mi) it was once the largest lake in South America; the geological record shows that it was a true lake in the past, and as such is one of the oldest lakes on Earth at 2036 million years old.Discover ideas about Latin America. Lake Maracaibo Bing Images. Latin America South America Venezuela Bing Images Christmas Earth. More information. Saved by. latin america lake maracaibo

South America LAKE MARACAIBO. Lake Maracaibo Map& Description. As a historical note, the Battle of Lake Maracaibo, fought on the lake on July 24, 1823, was the last (and decisive battle) of the Venezuelan War of Independence from Spain. General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge video.

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Geography Chapters 89. STUDY. the Caribbean Sea, and the area surrounding Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela? oil. What are some reasons why not all Latin American countries share equally in the bounty of natural resources? T or F European countries set up colonies in Latin America to gain wealth for their home countries. T.

LATIN AMERICA: Lake Maracaibo a learning experience as PDVSA trades control for productivity. One of the largest contractors working with PDVSA on Lake Maracaibo to further exploit the shallow remaining reserves is Schlumberger, known as the Prisa Project.

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Maracaibo, Lake, largest lake of South America, c. 5, 100 sq mi (13, 210 sq km), NW Venezuela, extending c. 110 mi (180 km) inland. A strait, 34 mi (55 km) long, connects it with the Gulf of Venezuela. A strait, 34 mi (55 km) long, connects it with the Gulf of Venezuela.

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