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Nov 17, 2017  Great Society. In May 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson laid out his agenda for a Great Society during a speech at the University of Michigan. With his eye on reelection that year, Johnson set in motion his Great Society, the largest social reform plan in modern history.Apr 24, 2015  To escape from society, they lived in communes, sharing resources and growing their own foods. The young people of 1960s America were deeply concerned about the society 1960s america

American History: The 1960s, a Decade That Changed a Nation. By the middle of the nineteen sixties, it had become almost impossible for President Lyndon Johnson to leave the White House without facing protesters against the war in Vietnam. In March of nineteen sixtyeight, Johnson announced that he would not seek another term in office. In

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Society of the United States. The society of the United States is based on Western culture, and has been developing since long before the United States became a country with its own unique social and cultural characteristics such as dialect, music, arts, social habits, cuisine, folklore, etc.

The New Left. Leftwing politics in the 1960s attracted primarily middleclass college students. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), founded at the University of Michigan in 1960, was the organizational base for the New Left. The term New Left was coined in the group's 1962 Port Huron Statement, which criticized the lack of individual freedom and the power of bureaucracy in

During the 1960s, young Americans on and off campuses challenged conventional lifestyles and institutions. They protested the materialism, consumerism, and mania for success that drove American society.

America in the 1970s. New York State actually lost population during the decade, and population growth was extremely modest in the industrial states of the East and Midwest, causing them to be known as the Rust Belt. In contrast, populations in the Sun Belt Florida, Texas and the Southwest, and California grew considerably.

Another important change in music during the early 1960s was the American folk music revival which introduced Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, The Kingston Trio, Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan, Odetta, and many other Singersongwriters to the public.

Society and Life in the 1960s. The 1960s were a decade of revolution and change in politics, music and society around the world. It started in the United States and the United Kingdom, and spread to continental Europe and other parts of the globe. The 1960s were an era of protest.

The 1960s contained hope and failure, innocence and cynicism. of defiance triggered a wave of sitins for civil rights across the South and brought unrelenting national attention to America's

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