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Denmark brings his boyfriend, America, on a winter vacation. Sweden and Norway notice that Denmark's acting odd, so they decide to give him a little help with his crushDenBel (Denmark x Belarus) DenNor (Denmark x Norway) DenPru (Denmark x Prussia) EngLiech (England x Liechtenstein) EngSey (England x Seychelles) FACE (France, America, Canada, England) Frain (France x Spain) Franada (France x Canada) FraSey (France x Seychelles) FrUk (France x England) FrUkUs (France, England, America) FrUs (France x America america x denmark

America decides to invite Japan over to hang out. America doesn't realize that Japan has a small crush on him. Japan feels guilty about the past between America

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(Prussia X reader) This is a Modern day fantasy AU, none of the events mentioned in this book were not based from the actual event. (eg. England wants that cup of morning tea he missed. Meanwhile, America is convinced Russia has kidnapped Canada, Japan is still confused by western culture, Prussia and France are racing to see who can strip

Denmark decides to take responsibility and help America through the pregnancy. After America's pregnancy is over, things pop up, and Denmark is unable to look at those three babies in the eyes.

america x denmark Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. My Hetalia Ships Part 1. Here are all my ships of Hetalia so far. Please reblog if you post any of these ships. Ill follow you Denmark: Oh no. America: Please say it.

(Denmark x America) Coat Pt. 3 (An) Requests (Russia x America) Hero (Prussia x America) Princess (Poland x Lithuania) Little Things (Denmark x America x Prussia) Deserve (Russia x America) Party (An) Drawing (Italy x America) Scars (America x G8China) Rose (Germany x Italy) Flower Tattoos

America x Denmark for MindMaster. The song is Aw Naw from Chris Young (Omg my first attempt with a country song, I don't even know anything about country! ). I really enjoy writing nations having bar nights together (after all that is one of the oldest ways to discuss politics with someone).

Oct 02, 2016  One of the first MMD's i've ever put together! Working on making more and learning more features such as backgrounds. Credit [Motion Motion used: Glide by yurie, TikTok by

America x Belarus (AmeBel) America x Canada (AmeCan) America x England (USUK) America x Japan (AmeriPan) Austria x Hungary (AusHun) Austria x Switzerland (AuSwitz) Belarus x Russia (RusBel) Belarus x Ukraine; Denmark x Norway (DenNor) Denmark x Sweden (DenSu) England x Canada; England x Japan (AsaKiku) France x Canada (Franada) France x England

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YOU ARE READING. Denmark X America X Prussia Fanfiction. Yup A love triangle and Alfred is the uke X3 Alfred most make a choice between Gilbert or Mathias.

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