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How can the answer be improved?sent an expedition to find a place to settle in North America. The first group returned to England. Sent a second group that disappeared. first place settled in america

The first region west of the original thirteen states that was heavily settled was the Appalachian mountain region, including Tennessee and Kentucky. Unlike other parts of the United States, the Appalachian region was largely populated by ScotchIrish immigrants.

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Where was the first Amish community in North America? Lancaster County is the oldest Amish settlement still around today. But its not the first place Amish settled on this side of the Atlantic.

The Jamestown Colony. Along the northern edge of Spains land were small missions and presidios or fortresses that stretched from the Atlantic coast, ran along the Gulf of Mexico and extended into the plains of Texas and the Rio Grande River valley. In 1585, Sir Walter Raleigh took on one of the first English settlement attempts.

While there is general agreement that the Americas were first settled from Asia, the pattern of migration, its timing, and the place(s) of origin in Eurasia of the peoples who migrated to

595 rows  List of North American settlements by year of foundation. Diego de Holgun became the

The first known people to settle in America were the Vikings. The settled in an area they called Vinland (Newfoundland) at around 1000 A. D. Some evidence suggests that there were also different

Because the U. S. was already settled when it came into existence during the American Revolution, the question of what the first settlement in America was is a complex one. Several modern towns claim to be the oldest or earliest.

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JAMESTOWN is justifiably called the first permanent English settlement in the New Worlda hardwon designation. As historian Alan Taylor recounts, of the first 104 colonists who landed in April 1607, only thirtyeight survived the winter. Of the 10, 000 who left England for Jamestown in its first fifteen years,

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