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Learn more about General Snus, a smokeless and spitless upperlip tobacco. You must be an adult tobacco consumers 21 years of age or older to access this site.Snus also is spit free, in contrast to American snuff, Copenhagen Long Cut, Skoal smokeless tobacco, Timberwolf snuff or other brands of American smokeless tobacco. Swedish snus Loose snus is for the more experienced user, as you have to form the portion by hand. buy snus in america

Where to buy Swedish snus in the USA.

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General snus tobacco was first manufactured in 1866. General snus is the brand that defines Swedish snus for a lot of people. This American General is a Swedish Snus by snus producer Swedish Match North America and is exclusively sold in the United States. Order General snus online at Northerner today. We offer fast UPS shipping.

The SnusCENTRAL Family: SnusCENTRAL consists of different parts with different missions, yet are all tied together to bring our Members the most comprehensive snus experience on the internet; to provide services, products, information, news, snus reviews, commentary

Catch. Catch originated from the wild and crazy 80s. It was the first brand in Sweden to offer Snus with a nontraditional flavor in order to meet the needs of the modern Snus consumer.

Skruf snus is the more exclusive choice for snus users. Each of the tobacco leaves has been manually selected by experts. Only the best leaves are used to make this high quality snus.

Fast and secure store for Swedish snus online. We offer a wide selection of both portion and loose snus for sale online. All orders are sent using Swedish Postal Service (Posten) andor the UPS.

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Snus vs dip differences between Swedish and American snus Snus is one of those products that can be quite confusing to the novice. The original snus was created in Sweden in the 19th century, when improvements were made on the snuff that the French were using for

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