Largest spanish speaking country in latin america

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of 12. Z Martinusso Getty Images This massive country is by far the largest in South America, and it is also the only country on the continent where Portuguese is the predominant language, as opposed to Spanish which is spoken in most other South American nations.Oct 24, 2008 The largest country of Latin America is Brazil is spoken Portuguese language and the capital of Brazil is Braslia. To purpose, in South America only 40 of the population speak Spanish, 50 speak Portuguese, and 10 speak French, Dutchman, English and native languages. largest spanish speaking country in latin america

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Mexico is possibly the only country that contains the largest variety of indigenous languages than any other Hispanic American country, and the most spoken native language is Nahuatl. In Peru, Quechua is an official language, alongside Spanish and any other indigenous language in

Language. In several nations, especially in the Caribbean region, creole languages are spoken. The most widely spoken creole language in Latin America and the Caribbean is Haitian Creole, the predominant language of Haiti; it is derived primarily from French and certain West African tongues with Amerindian, English,

Largest and smallest Spanishspeaking countries in the world The largest Spanishspeaking country in the world, referring to population size, is Mexico with over 118 million people (2013). The smallest country is Equatorial Guinea with around 740, 000 (2013).

Argentina is the largest Spanishspeaking country in South America by area of land. Colombia is the largest Spanishspeaking country in South America by population.

Latin America is generally understood to consist of the entire continent of South America in addition to Mexico, Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean whose inhabitants speak a Romance language.

1) La Paz AND Sucre are the dual captials of this country. 2) La Paz is the highest city in the world at an altitude of 12, 500 ft. 3) This country has the largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca. 1) Santiago is the capital. 2) Easter Island and the Strait of Magellen are found here.

This makes the capital of Mexico the largest Spanishspeaking city in the world. 2. Buenos Aires, Argentina. According to the last official census from 2010, the population of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is 15, 594, 428 inhabitants. This makes the Paris of Latin America the second largest Spanishspeaking city in the world.

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In the U. S. , Spanish has a long history in the United States (many southern states were part of Mexico and Spain) and it recently has been revitalized by much immigration from Latin America. Spanish is the most widely taught foreign language in the country.

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