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The official website of the UK Sloughi Club, promoting the breed both at home and overseas.We are active in the American Sloughi Association, the AKC National Parent Club for the breed in the United States. Erika Wyatt is the AKC Delegate, Judges Education Coordinator, breed mentor, and presenter, approved by the American Sloughi Association. sloughi club of america

The American Kennel Club announces the full recognition of two breeds, the American Hairless Terrier and the Sloughi, raising the total number of AKC dog breeds to 189. Were excited to welcome these two unique breeds into the AKC family, AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo said. Both breeds make wonderful companions for the right family.

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explained it in her books, 'Sloughi published by Kennel Club Books (2004) and in 'The Sloughi: ' (2007), the only books currently published on the breed.

T he Premier American Sloughi club, established 1988 National Parent Club of the Large Gazehound Racing Association It is only through SFAA that the Sloughi is now recognized in all American Sighthound Performance events: NOTRA, LGRA, ASFA, AKC

Proper gaits are an essential component of correct type in the Sloughi. Please see ASLA's latest video on Judging the Sloughi: Proper Gaits of the Sloughi at the link below.

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The American Sloughi Association (ASLA), founded in 1989, is an association of Sloughi lovers worldwide devoted to the preservation and protection of the Sloughi, a rare breed of Arabian sighthound from the north African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria.

From the February 2015 board meeting the American Sloughi Association is the official parent club for the Sloughi and to accept the Sloughi into the AKC stud book on December 1, 2015.

Join a club that promotes the breed as we all work better when we work together either a local club like the Silky Terrier Club of Central Florida, Silky Terrier Club of Northern California andor the Silky Terrier Club of America. Let me know if you would like contact information for any of these groups.

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The Saluki Club of America does not perform 'handson' rescue work, but instead supports the efforts of the various saluki rescue groups in the USA. In 2007, for the first time, the SCOA offered an exhibition Parade of Rescues , to recognize the dogs who have had their lives changed for the better through their placement into 'forever homes' via a Rescue Program.

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