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2019-09-19 14:39

Ford has taken the wraps off the allnew Ford Focus ST, which will be offered in fivedoor and wagon versions. Sadly, just like the rest of the Focus lineup, its not coming to America. The 2019How Ford can make it up to us for not bringing the Focus ST to the U. S. The powertrain needs to 'Escape' to America 2019 ford focus st america

The 2019 Ford Focus ST is the performanceoriented version of the fourthgeneration Focus, a hatchback unveiled in 2018. Introduced in February 2019, the new Focus ST brings many changes to

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Ford has worked hard to establish itself as a leading purveyor of hot hatches, and that narrative is continuing with the new 2019 Focus STexcept in the United States, that is.

The new Focus ST will run on Fords new C2 architecture and will be enhanced with a unique suspension, upgraded brakes, and new STspecific powertrains, creating what Ford says is the most responsive and agile Focus ST driving experience everon both the road and the track. There will be two engines available in the 2019 Focus ST.

Hot on the heels of the news Ford will end Focus RS production in April, the company has revealed an allnew Focus for the global market, set to arrive in North America in late 2019. With new looks, a bigger cabin, and a whole bunch of tech, it's sure to be a hit.

That's a decent power bump over the last versionand the first and last Focus ST to come to Americathat produced 252 hp and 270 lbft from a turbocharged 2. 0liter four.

2019 Ford Focus ST: The Hot Hatch America Doesn't Get For many years, Fords European lineup was full of exciting, performanceoriented compact cars that we didnt get here in the U. S. First there were the rallybred Escorts and Sierras, and then there were highperformance Focus and Fiesta hot hatches.

The 2019 Ford Focus ST is going to be a handsome, powerful beast when it arrives in Europe (and definitely not the United States) later this summer.

2019 Ford Focus ST Review Price. Evaluation of the arrival and price: search for the new focus to its presentation to a certain point a year from now, before the base in the USA as a 2019year to make display advertising.

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