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2019-10-16 01:56

Auditions for Season 14 are over! Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned for Season 14 of America's Got Talent. We have concluded our auditions for this year.The final auditions for Americas Got Talent season 13 have arrived. The last Golden Buzzer was used and revealed yet another frontrunner! Read our recap of the July 10 episode now! The america's got talent crazy auditions

Sep 14, 2018  Next week's 'America's Got Talent' winner will be selected in the 2018 finale. she belted out Otis Redding's Hard to Handle during her audition. made a crazy

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Jul 17, 2018 America's Got Talent closed out its sixweek auditions round with more crazy, compelling acts. Here are some of the best and one of the worst. Post to Facebook

Jul 11, 2016 TOP 10 Funniest Comedians That Made SIMON COWELL Laugh on AGT& BGT Got Talent Global Duration: 39: 40. Got Talent Global 20, 939, 408 views

Amanda Mena on America's Got Talent. It's a big moment for any aspiring musician to audition for America's Got Talent and an even bigger one to hear the sweet sound of the Golden Buzzer.

Kechi Finally Gets Simon's Golden Buzzer America's Got Talent: The Champions. 5: 49 24, 358, 105 Views. American Idol. Johanna Jones Audition Reveals CRAZY Singing Trick! American Idol 2019 on ABC. 5: 36 7, 328, 576 Views. Top Talent. Power Duo on Asia's Got Talent 2019 (Auditions)

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Apr 02, 2018 The Best America's Got Talent auditions ever 2015 part 4 America's got talent 2015 best auditions 17: 47 The best auditions america's got talent 2014& The best auditions Britain's Got Talent 2014 compln [

Aug 02, 2018 'America's Got Talent' Dancers Quin and Misha Had a Crazy Accident Before Their Second Audition. A lot of drama went down before Martina McBride gave them the golden buzzer.

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Can you believe this pair nearly skipped their AGT audition? Next: A The most successful Americas Got Talent contestant is Americas Got Talent: Crazy Secrets About the

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