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Hetalia Yaoi! (WARNING: R18 YAOI! ) By Hetalia: America x England Prussia x Canada Iceland x Norway Male! Hungary x Prussia x Austria BTT x Romano Prussia x Russia x America France x Britain England x Japan Russia x America Germany x Japan Japan x Prussia Austria x Switzerland PrussiaAlready tagged. 5. 4. Already tagged. 4. 1.England x America Arthur x Alfred I don't ship, but Alfred's reaction is too funny. I wasn't expecting him to do that, but I kissed back while wondering what the heck was going on. england x america r18

Characters or Pairings: Germany Italy Japan Italy gets held hostage so America can bribe Japan into buying his massage chairs.

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Sep 02, 2011 [America x England Cinderella to Boku (R18) (Jealousy) adoma12. Loading Unsubscribe from adoma12? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 4. 4K.

A Hetalia Doujinshi site. WARNING: This site will have R18 material, yaoi, et cetera. I highly suggest entering key words into the search bar, using the tags, and the

Heizen Sie Augen (Germany x AustriaR18) Love Handle; Just talking about SM (France England America) Cat Ears Magic (Romania x Bulgaria) Mundial (Netherlands x Spain) Unsavory Ties (Germania x RomeR18) Back That Wants to Kick (Turkey x GreeceR18) Meine Liebe (GermancestR18) Sweet Sweets (Franada) Do you want a cat (FranadaR18

America& England: Call My Name (R18) Asking About The Start of The Romance My Firearm Is My Friend (R18) Kind Demon Ai wo Kataru Kisetsu ha Tooku You Need Me More More (R18) Yakusoku no Mireniamu Cursed Sympathy Apri Gli Occhi The Night of Snow Yuki no Yaru The Howl of a Fallen Angel France& England: Ghost France x England Doujinshi

Oct 17, 2013 Hetalia (Yaoi) Burn Burn Movie (English) England x America Aliece Mller. Loading Unsubscribe from Aliece Mller? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 218

England x America: Stop stressing! England gasped and America took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside, exploring his mouth. For a brief moment they fought for dominance, pushing back and forth even though America had already won. 340 England moaned as America

This tumblr is going to be a collection of YAOI doujinshi about Hetalia. If you don't like yaoi, I suggest you to leave. None of the stuff I post here is mine and I take no credit for any of it.

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