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189 rows List of countries by trafficrelated death rate. The average rate was 17. 4 per 100, 000 people. Lowincome countries now have the highest annual road traffic fatality rates, at 24. 1 per 100, 000, while the rate in highincome countries is lowest, at 9. 2 per 100, 000. Seventyfour percent of road traffic deaths occur in middleincome countries,Records indicate that there were 3, 613, 732 motor vehicle fatalities in the United States from 1899 to 2013. Although the number of deaths, and deaths relative to the total US population, declined over most of the previous two decades, the trend reversed in 2015 and continued to move upward in 2016. road death toll in america

The official 2012 death toll is out for our nations poorlydesigned, autocentric transportation system. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic injuries on the nations roadways claimed the lives of 33, 561 people.

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The world's most dangerous roads are often carved into the sides of mountains at high altitudes. The 10 most dangerous roads in America. The death toll along the KabulJalalabad Road

Guns and deaths in America: The numbers. For all age groups, the top five killers are heart disease (633, 842), cancer (595, 930), lower respiratory disease (155, 041), unintentional injury (146, 571) and stroke (140, 323). Homicide of all sorts however is a leading cause of death for Americans in the prime of life,

5 U. S. 431, Alabama. It's about 98 miles from Phenix City to Dothan, Ala. , on U. S. 431, which has been labeled as one of America's most dangerous roads by outlets such as Reader's Digest. Just last month, for example, four people were killed when a pickup truck carrying more than 10 people rolled over.

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The figures show 32, 788 died on the roads across America in 2010 with one killed every 16 minutes but the numbers were down 3 per cent from 2009.

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