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It is a lot of in movement between Berlin and Brandenburg. this is Precisely the Background to why the new state development plan BerlinBrandenburg capital region (LEP HR) is a source of so much explosive that the cabinets of the two States at their first joint meeting this year, today, Tuesday, in Berlin, want to decide.THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION. of the States of Berlin and Brandenburg (innoBB) Passed June 21, 2011, by the Berlin Senate and The capital regions higher education and science landscape is varied and unique. A close Health region BerlinBrandenburg master berlin brandenburg capital region

The Capital Region BerlinBrandenburg has already become reality in many of the sectors that hold great potential for the future. Both states are already reaping the benefits of networking in science and advanced technologies, in the film and media industries and in the healthcare sector.

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The capital city region stretches a maximum of 291 km from north to south and a maximum of 244 km from west to east; its geometric centre is located in BerlinReinickendorf. The joint internal border between Berlin and Brandenburg measures 234 km in total length; the external border of the Federal State of Brandenburg with Poland is 267 km long.

Kingdom of Prussia and German Empire. However, industrial towns ringing Berlin lay within Brandenburg, and the growth of the region's industrial economy brought an increase in the population of the province. The Province of Brandenburg had an area of 39, 039 km

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BerlinBrandenburg Metropolitan Region. The BerlinBrandenburg Metropolitan Region ( German: Metropolregion BerlinBrandenburg, also Hauptstadtregion BerlinBrandenburg) is one of eleven metropolitan regions of Germany, consisting of the entire territories of the citystate of Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

in the BerlinBrandenburg Capital Region THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION MORE VALUE FOR YOUR INVESTMENT ernment and the states of Berlin and Brandenburg. In the capital region, large corporations receive a subsidy of up to 30, midsized corporations up to 40 and smallsized corpora

BerlinBrandenburg: the German Capital Region. Print page. Berlin and Brandenburg together form the German Capital Region and thus one of the most dynamic economic areas in Europe. Germany's Capital Region is large than Belgium and has, with around 6 million, more inhabitants than Denmark, Norway or

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Welcome to the Healthcare Industries Cluster. The German capital region is one of the world's leading locations for the healthcare industry, healthcare, and the life sciences. Leading global companies, renowned scientists, firstclass hospitals, innovative startups, and specialists from all over the world work together in BerlinBrandenburg each

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